Dental Crowns in Beverly Hills, CA: Restorative Solutions for a Healthy Smile

A dental crown, also referred to as a dental cap, is a versatile dental restoration used to address tooth damage and other issues. A crown is a custom-made prosthetic, and is crafted to fit snugly over your tooth, covering it from the gumline and restoring it to its natural shape and size. Dental crowns can be composed of different materials such as gold, porcelain or porcelain fused to metal. Porcelain crowns are particularly popular because they seamlessly blend with the natural color and appearance of your teeth.

When Dental Crowns Are Recommended

Our experienced Beverly Hills dentist may recommend a crown to:

  • Restore Severely Damaged Teeth: Dental crowns are often recommended when a tooth is extensively damaged or decayed, and traditional dental fillings are insufficient for effective restoration.
  • Protect a Tooth Following a Root Canal: Following a root canal procedure, a dental crown is utilized to safeguard and strengthen the treated tooth, preventing further damage.
  • Anchor a Dental Bridge: Dental crowns serve as anchor points to attach a dental bridge, effectively replacing missing teeth and restoring your bite’s functionality.
  • Complete Dental Implants: Crowns are placed atop dental implants, providing a replacement for missing teeth and enhancing both the function and aesthetics of your smile.
  • Enhance Your Smile Aesthetics: Whether addressing a misshapen tooth or improving the overall appearance of your smile, porcelain crowns offer a natural and attractive solution.
  • Strengthen Weak Teeth: Crowns are recommended for strengthening fractured or weakened teeth, preventing further damage or breakage.
  • Support Teeth With Large Fillings: When minimal natural tooth structure remains due to extensive decay, crowns provide essential support for large fillings, preserving the tooth’s integrity.

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