CT Scanning For Comprehensive Dental Care

Here at Beverly Hills Dental Arts Studio, we are dedicated to delivering the highest quality of dental care through the use of advanced dental technology. One of the technologies featured in our practice is CT scanning, also known as cone beam imaging. This 3D imaging technology enhances our diagnostic and treatment capabilities, helping our dentist and team to understand your oral health and plan treatments that are more precise and effective.

When Is CT Scanning Used?

CT scanning captures highly precise and accurate images of your oral and facial regions, including your teeth, mouth, jaw, neck, ears, nose and throat. These images are used to create a three-dimensional reconstruction of those areas, providing detailed information about your oral health. Here are some of the ways in which those images are used:

  • Precise Dental Implant Planning: We employ this technology to meticulously plan the placement of dental implants, ensuring optimal results.
  • Thorough Evaluation of Jaws and Facial Structures: the captured images allow us to comprehensively evaluate the condition of your jaws and facial structures, assisting in the diagnosis of various dental issues.
  • Holistic Head and Neck Assessment: Our dentist and team utilize this advanced technology to view your head and neck as a cohesive whole, enabling us to identify potential concerns beyond dental health.
  • Detecting Tooth Decay and Dental Problems: 3D imaging facilitates the early detection of tooth decay, enabling us to address cavities and other dental issues promptly.
  • Endodontic Problem Detection: This technology aids in the detection of endodontic problems, guiding us in planning effective root canal therapy.
  • Analysis of Dental and Facial Trauma: In cases of dental or facial trauma, CT scanning allows us to analyze the extent of damage accurately.
  • Orthodontic Treatment Planning and Progress Evaluation: We utilize this technology to plan orthodontic treatments and monitor progress effectively.
  • Visualizing Abnormal Teeth: It provides a detailed view of abnormal teeth, enabling us to tailor treatment plans accordingly.
  • Assessment of TMJ Disorders: Cone beam imaging assists in the assessment of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders, ensuring precise diagnosis and treatment.

Advantages of Cone Beam 3D Imaging

This advanced imaging offers several advantages over traditional digital X-rays, most notably the comprehensive and detailed view of your oral and facial structures. These images allow our dentist and team to make a more accurate assessment of your oral health and provide you with the care you need.

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